BVWireless is a group who are fanatics about high speed wireless technology for data, voice, and just about anything else -- for when you need things to just work. One of our specialties is overcoming the challenges harsh wireless environments present so we can build our clients state of the art and reliable networks that need to be on and available "right now".

Our most recent work has been in the niche market of providing short to medium term temporary outdoor networks where technologies like mesh networking and mutiple backhauls provide redundancy for the best possible reliability for our clients.

Lots of times when standard cellular based technologies simply cannot cut it due to latency, lack of coverage, or being overwhelmed due to people density, BVWireless can quickly build out WiFi, proprietary technology, or both to cover you and we can do it very quickly. We use rugged embedded linux based gear that can run on low power for environments where battery or solar power are the only choice.

When at a large metro area gathering like a road race or a sports venue when hundreds of thousands of spectators overwhelm 3G/4G technology we can bring a "LAN in the sky" straight to where you need it. We rely on references for the work we do -- if you were referred to us or have seen us involved somewhere let us know if you would like us to take on whatever challenge you have!



StreetSeats - BVWireless was selected by Phillips / Color Kinetics to provide wireless connectivity for the "Beacons" lit with LED technology provided by Phillips as part of the "Streetseats" outdoor art display created by the Design Museum of Boston. The project was executed with great success for an 8 month period between spring and fall at Fort Point Channel near Boston's financial district.

Head Of The Charles Regatta - BVWireless for several years has provided a large temporary outdoor wireless network along a 3 mile stretch of the Charles River in Cambridge for the Race Committee behind the worlds largest 2 day Regatta the Head Of The Charles Regatta. The Race Committee uses the network to register thousands of athletes, provide race results, and support the hundreds of people behind this event that attracts over 300,000 spectators every year in October. The challenge for BVWireless is the shear volume of people who overwhelm the traditional cellular network. Our mesh based network provides the critical infrastructure needed so this world class race can be executed without a hitch.

Megunticook Campground Live Stream Example

Click the video below to watch the shore camera at Megunticook Campground LIVE!